Level Up Group


At Level Up members of our team have been in construction for a long time. But we really enjoy being a part of a new space transformation.

Working on a basement renovation project from beginning to the end fills us with pride. We are happy every time to see a dark unused space becoming a part of your home – a place where the family gets together, a place where you can enjoy a great workout, or work from a comfortable office designed around your needs.

Attention to detail

Every step of the way we make sure that the process of creation of this space is easy for you.

  • We help design the new space
  • Think through the new space functionality and organic traffic flow
  • Make the selection of finishes and materials is an easy process
  • Take care of all aspects of basement renovation
  • We value our clients’ time and do our best to complete the project without unnecessary delays

No wonder the results are so great and our clients are happy with our work.

We bring our expertise and knowledge to every basement renovation project

Working in basement space does require special knowledge. After all, it is located within the foundation of your house, where all the house systems are, including the basement drainage system. It is a place where you have to do things right from the very start of the project. We were focusing on basements and we know the difference.

The Level Up difference

Basements are our specialty and we have developed an approach that makes our projects go smooth:

  • Well-coordinated project management
  • Great client service and followup
  • Dedicated team of professionals

We are always looking forward to the new and exciting basement renovation projects.


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