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Basement Bar

Are you a Toronto area or Calgary region homeowner, and looking for an ideas on what to do with you basement space?

For those who love to chill with friends, converting a basement into a spacious entertainment room complete with a bar is a great investment. 

The big advantages of creating a versatile entertainment room complete with a bar in your basement are:

  • Available large space
  • Isolated from the rest of the house
  • Soundproof compared to other rooms

When you design the entertainment room in your basement include as many great features as you will find helpful for making entertainment effortless and stylish:

  • Large screen TV
  • Comfortable sitting area
  • Pool table
  • Karaoke
  • Media center
  • Poker Table
  • Kitchenette

Make the bar heart of your basement entertainment room

Formal sit down dinners are largely the thing of the past. After all, you want to enjoy a great conversation with friends with a drink in your hand, when you are relaxed and free to move around. And a basement entertainment room is just perfect for that.

Here, expertly mixing drinks at the bar, enjoying light snacks you can focus on what is important – your friends!

That is precisely why when planning the ultimate entertainment room, making the bar the focal point is a great idea – the party will revolve around it anyway.

When designing your ideal bar you should think about both style and function. You can easily work around traditional or modern concepts. Thinking of other elements in the room will help to make the design flow consistent and tie it in together.

Creating multifunctional entertainment space

To get the most out of the entertainment room you can create different areas that your family and guests can enjoy:

  • TV /media
  • Snooker/pool table
  • Games /poker

Creating a great entertainment room with a bar at its heart will add quality to your life. You will enjoy many happy moments with your friends and family there.

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