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Basement Gym Space

Are you a homeowner living in a Greater Toronto Area or Calgary Metropolitan Region? And you want to be able to exercise on the daily basis? Think about the basement!

Keeping an active lifestyle in our age of commute and exhausting office work becomes increasingly challenging. Adding family time to that, plus the time for your daily chores makes it harder for you to grab that gym bag and head out the door.

So, just put on your training shoes and go down to your basement gym!

Get a fully functioning gym equipped in your basement!

If you are avoiding the gym just because you can simply not find time to exercise, rethink your schedule. Create your own gym in the basement instead! It is a comparatively easy, but very functional transformation that you will never regret.

When you design your basement around a personal workout routine you can organize all the equipment in one place. Think about gym membership – you are paying for a lot of equipment that you will never use, and for the other part that you can not use because you hate to line up for it.

The advantage of having it all in your basement is obvious – your equipment is always available to you, without wasting time getting there. It is set up and adapted exactly for your personal workout. Once you renovate the space and set it up, there will be no excuses from now on.

Plan the gym in your basement around your exercise routine.

Basement space is very accomodating of any home gym equipment if planned right. You can set up:

  • fully functioning yoga studio
  • Zumba & barre studio
  • treadmill and elliptical machines
  • Boxing & kick-boxing studio
  • weight training center

If you feel that you workout better while watching tv, or follow instructional videos – you can easily set up a tv station to help you achieve your goals, or not to feel isolated.

Working out in your own gym, complete with a shower and laundry – you will feel the advantage of a comfortable workout in your own personal dedicated space.

Add extra features to your basement gym

Floor to ceiling mirrors, glass partition walls with doors, bright light, comfortable floor covering, and pleasant wall colors will set you in the mood for a productive workout. If you design the space to look like a gym you will feel that it takes less discipline to be there. You will be striving for better results.

Taking it a step further you can build a steam shower, sauna, or a jacuzzi to pamper yourself after a workout. Create a mini juice & shake bar to reward yourself and replenish the energy! You will come to work out more often to the space where you feel comfortable.

The best part, once the weather outdoor becomes better you will enjoy routine outdoor activities such as jogging, running, skating, or biking – without a single thought that you are supposed to work out in the stuffy fitness center just because you paid membership for the month.

Converting underused basement space into your personal gym will help you stay in full control of your very own workout routine and be on track to your personal health goals. It is an investment in your own health.


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