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Basement Pool & Sauna


There is nothing like having easy and convenient access to a swimming pool for a refreshing swim in the morning or after work. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not have this luxury. Their only option, as they think, is a gym membership.

If the house is big enough, and you do enjoy swimming, it is worthwhile to think about creating a swimming pool in your basement. You will find a lot of compelling basement pool designs on the internet, so why not to do it in your very own space?

  • Available large space
  • Isolated from the rest of the house
  • Soundproof compared to other rooms

Think about the advantages:

  • All year access
  • Heating is less expensive than for outdoor pool
  • Safer for kids and pets
  • Less expensive than building an outdoor

What do you need to know when planning a basement swimming pool.

  • Your basement has to be big enough to accommodate it
  • To get extra depth extra excavation might be needed
  • The independent ventilation and air exchange has to be designed for it.

Above ground basement swimming pool options

If your basement height allows it an above ground basement pool is a great option. Since no extra excavation is required, the installation process is fast and inexpensive. There are plenty of room design options ranging from tiling to wood that will make this concept look simply amazing.

Upgrading the basic model to an endless pool that creates strong current to help you swim in place, you can significantly add to your fitness routine. An Indoor pool can be upgraded with jets and massage heads for therapeutic results, proven to be efficient even for such serious conditions as multiple sclerosis.

Add sauna to your basement fitness center

For complete relaxation & therapeutic effect – add a sauna to your basement health center. Now having it all in one place you can take care of your health the way you always wanted. The great advantage – after self indulging in health routines and relaxing – you do not need to dress, get in your car and drive anywhere.

Amazing design options

Although basements are not known for light and airy feel, it can be easily created with smart design and material choices:

  • Install bright lighting
  • Visually enlarge available windows
  • Use lighter tiling colors
  • Use light natural looking stone porcelain
  • Open up layout

If you do like wood paneling, there are certainly a lot of great options in the market. Adding a touch of reclaimed wood, or mixing in the concrete or unpolished stone will create a cozy atmosphere.

With all year round access to your very own spa complete with swimming pool and sauna you are guaranteed to boost your health and wellbeing.


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