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Basement Remodeling


From creating blueprints, detailed estimates, and getting permits, to the project completion we at Level Up bring the best of our effort to make the process smooth for our clients.

Basement Kitchen Design

Depending on how you are planning to use the new basement space, your kitchen may be used as a full kitchen complete with a full range of appliances, or occasional kitchen for entertaining, warming up food, and mixing drinks. It will determine the layout and the use of materials and finishes.

As a full kitchen can take up a big part of the basement renovation budget it is important to focus on your final vision. We offer a wide range of options in design from budget to extravagant to make it perfect for you.

Basement Fireplaces

There is nothing like playing the family games, or cuddling by the fireplace on a cold winter evening. Real or gas, the fire provides you with the coziness and warmth that is hard to put a price tag on. Moreover, it helps to infuse the functional and uninspired place with the feeling of joy and add a personal touch.

The variety of options and designs for fireplaces will leave you pleasantly surprised with the choices of styles from modern to traditional, as well as finishing materials. In terms of the room layout, it is always convenient to use as a focal point – to bring the entire room design together.

Family Space Planning

Most basement remodeling projects have the creation of ideal family space at their heart. A place where the whole family will come together, for quiet evenings, celebrations, watching tv and playing games!. It will be easier to plan an ideal place for your family once you answer these questions:

  • What do we like to do together?
  • Will we be cooking in this place?
  • What are your favorite family activities?
  • Do we want a pool or foosball table?
  • Do we want a large screen TV?
  • Do we want to add extra storage for crafts and activities?
  • Do we need extra space for musical instruments?
  • Do we need an extra bedroom there?

With smart design, it will be easy to accommodate all the activities in one multifunctional space.

Special Needs

If you have a family member with special needs, converting a walkout basement to suit their comfortable living will be a good investment. Creating a functional space with their needs in mind you will have to consider:

  • Ease of access (wider doors, ramp, railings)
  • Wide openings for assistive devices & safe passage
  • Safe bathroom
  • Possible living quarters for live-in caregivers

It will offer a whole new level of comfort and care for your loved one.

Obtaining Municipal Permits

In some cases municipal permits are required for basement renovation – especially when your project involves modifying house fundament or walls. Our expertise in following all the requirements of the procedure will make the process go smoother, and faster. Using an experienced Engineer for the basement layout blueprints will ensure that there will be minor or no revisions to the original plan.

Overall having clear blueprints for the basement remodeling always makes it easier for precise budgeting and project planning.

Why Choose Level Up Team

At Level Up we dedicate all our skills and expertise to the creation of perfect spaces for our clients. We take our client’s expectation as a priority in any project.

  • We have built a reliable team of like-minded professionals
  • We keep our project transparent at any stage
  • We believe in thorough planning, scheduling, and communication
  • We thrive to exceed expectations
  • We are insured bonded and certified

Contact us at Level Up to get a free detailed quote on your basement remodeling project. We are looking forward to working together with you on the space of your dreams!


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