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Welcome to Level Up Basement! For more than a decade we finish, renovate and remodel basements in the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary Metropolitan Region. No project big or small for our team, we renovate basements of any size and for any purpose: extra living space, entertainment corners, legal walk-out units or in-law suites. 

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Basement Bathroom

Deciding on the location and size of the basement bathroom is very important. This is the first element that goes on the architectural plan of the basement renovation, and it is easy to see why! Unlike other spaces, the basement bathroom must be tied in with the plumbing and sewage system, without affecting the traffic flow of the future space.

Basement bathroom should have an adequate air exchange and ventilation system to prevent mold build-up.

The size and the elements of the bathroom will depend on your ideas for the use of the space.

If you are planning an apartment, or at least a bedroom, it should offer the same convenience as a regular bathroom. For a family room or basement theater, or games room you can add shower to the powder room.

Basement Bedrooms

Whether it is an additional bedroom for your family member or occasional guest bedroom, it is important that they are planned with safety in mind.

Level Up Basement experts consult and assist customers on how to achieve a functional floor plan, and at the same time meet all the safety requirements. We put a lot of experience and knowledge into creating your ideal space.

Flooring and Tiling For Basement Renovations

The choice of material for flooring when finishing your basement space is very important as it should combine functionality and meet design requirements. As the basement floor is, naturally, the coldest part of the house, the chosen material, in combination with the subflooring should provide the maximum comfort.

The popular choices for basement flooring are:

  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Tile for kitchen, bathroom and entrance areas
  • Engineering hardwood

With any choice, we make sure that the subflooring will provide enough barrier to prevent moisture from building up.

Windows & Doors

Although when planning basement renovations many owners retain the original windows on the basement level, there are some cases when they will have to replace the old ones or install new windows and doors.

If you are planning an apartment, or at least a bedroom, it should offer the same convenience as a regular bathroom. For a family room or basement theater, or games room you can add shower to the powder room.

With most of the basement renovations, one of the essential parts is building outside basement access complete with egress steps. With some layouts, it is impossible to provide an additional egress door, so installing Basement Escape Window as an egress alternative is a viable option.

For a split level basement, the backyard sliding door might be an excellent way not only to offer convenient access, but add more light and open up the view from the basement. In many cases, walkout basement exits will have to be built either through creating an opening in the foundation on the side/backayard of the house, or inside the garage, or adapting the ground level floor plan.

Choosing Level Up team for your project

At Level Up we believe in professionalism and experience. We think about space as of our own, providing them with the best options for the space, innovative solutions, and great customer service!

  • We believe in hard work and experience
  • Our project managers job is uncompromised quality control 
  • Have great and dedicated professionals as part of our team
  • Love to exceed our clients’ expectations

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    Basement Renovation FAQs

    How much does a basement renovation cost?

    A basement renovation is a smart investment for homeowners like you. On average, it costs $35 to $55 per square foot to renovate your basement. Based on this estimate, here is the price breakdown:

    • 800 sq. ft. costs between $28,000 and $44,000
    • 1,000 sq. ft.costs between $35,000 and $55,000
    • 1,200 sq. ft.costs between $42,000 and $66,000
    • 1,500 sq. ft.costs between $52,500 and $82,500
    What is the most expensive part of basement renovation?

    The most expensive part of the basement renovation is the flooring and wall coverings. These materials make 15% of the total needed to renovate a basement. Installing plumbing and electrical systems can take up to 14% of the costs.

    Can i get loan for home renovation?

    Yes, you can get a loan to cover the costs associated with the home renovation. HELOC is one of the available options, allowing you to use the home equity you’ve built up for financing your renovation. Since the loan is secured with your property, expect to pay low-interest rates compared to other options provided on the financial market. Mortgage refinancing is another alternative with low-interest rates and only one monthly payment.

    Are basement renovations tax deductible in Ontario?

    No, basement renovations aren’t tax-deductible in Canada. Home renovations that add value to your property aren’t eligible for deduction. Moreover, home updates that increase the value can also increase your taxes. However, there are a few instances in which your basement renovation might be eligible for tax deduction:

    • A home office used solely for working
    • Home improvements that cater to family members with special medical needs
    • Energy-efficient appliances and building materials might be eligible for a tax credit
    Basement renovations meaning

    Basement renovation refers to improving the current condition of your basement. The process includes repairs to bring the outdated or damaged space into pristine condition. Many homeowners decide to renovate the basement to expand their living area or earn an additional income from renting.

    Is it worth it to renovate a basement?

    A basement renovation comes with many benefits. Homeowners prefer to add usable space to increase their property’s value on the market. You can turn the basement into an additional bedroom, home office, entertainment room, or utility room for the utmost functionality. An in-law suite is another popular option in Canada. Or, you can choose to create a separate apartment with a bathroom and rent it for additional income.

    What’s the difference between basement renovation and finishing?

    Basement renovation will replace the damaged elements and update some aspects of the space. Upgrading the counters and other features is considered renovation. On the other hand, basement finishing means upgrading the space to make it liveable. An unfinished basement has a bare concrete floor and exposed piping and lacks insulation. Basement finishing includes adding insulation, drywall, flooring, ceiling, plumbing, and HVAC. A finished basement can then be remodeled and renovated to suit your needs.

    What are the steps to renovate a basement?
    • Plan the space according to your wishes and needs. Keep in mind that open floor plans work the best for basements.
    • Set your budget. Keep in mind that a basement renovation can cost $35 to $55 per square foot.
    • Choose an experienced contractor to save time and effort.
    • Perform a moisture test.
    • Obtain the permits. In Canada, a permit is a must for basement renovations.
    • Add insulation.
    • Have the plumbing and electrical system set up.
    • Install framing and drywall
    • Paint the basement. Go for light colours to make the space appear visually larger.
    • Install flooring. Laminate and tiles are ideal picks for basements.
    • Install ceiling to conceal the open beams and exposed pipes.