Basement Finishing Planning Steps For A Streamlined Project

As the price per square feet is high, homeowners are looking for ways to increase their square footage. Finishing your basement is one of the best ways to get extra living space.

It might be challenging to envision the dusty concrete floors and humid environment as a living space. But with the proper basement finishing, the extra space can extend your home. Increasing your home’s liveable square footage will also raise the resale value. Prospect buyers will realize this extra space’s potential in terms of extra rooms or additional income.

Think of adding some extra bedrooms to accommodate your growing family. Or you can build an in-law suite to keep your parents close. The ones wishing to create additional income for their household can make a rental or Airbnb unit. We already shared the top ideas for basement remodeling, and you can keep up with them here

The process of finishing a basement can be overwhelming for home runs. We guide you through the basement finishing planning steps. Once you go through this post, the whole process is clear and straightforward.

Level Plan Ideation

The basement design is up to you and your family’s needs. Think about the ways you can utilize the space that fits your lifestyle. An open-concept basement provides plenty of room and maximizes the light so homeowners can create a home entertainment area or a spa.

The basement can be challenging to design around, so you can work with a professional to ensure the final design aligns with your needs. We already explained how basement designers are dedicated to working with the challenges. Small spaces and lack of natural light are the common challenges designers face, but they have the expertise to find solutions.

Checking Requirements

Since electrical and structural work is included, you need to obtain a permit according to the Building Code Act. When the process is a hassle, you can leave it to professionals. Your basement finishing team will handle the whole process from start to finish, including the legal paperwork. Homeowners need to check the requirements for their basement type. If you’re building a walkout basement, you need a new basement entry. The building codes provide the precise requirements for this.

For your basement apartment to be classified as legal, it needs to be a minimum of 145 square feet and a minimum of 1.95 meters of ceiling height. Check your local requirements to ensure you do it properly.

Gathering Quotes

The price for finishing a basement depends on your specific project. To get the best offer, shop around and look for different reputable basement finishing companies. To have a better idea of what the final price is, be sure to use our basement calculator. This convenient tool estimates a price depending on your space and requirements.

Don’t focus solely on the price when looking for the right contractor. Obtaining a cheaper quote can mean complications during the project, inexperienced labor, and cheap materials. Or, you might be required to pay extras not included in your initial quote. Finishing a basement is an investment, so you want the best value.

Signing Proper Contract

When you find a contractor you trust, it is time to sign a contract. At this phase, homeowners will be happy they finally found a company to handle the tedious tasks. But don’t rush this step. Make sure your contract specifies everything you’ve discussed with your chosen company.

Make sure the price covers everything without any extra costs on your behalf. Also, ensure they have indicated a reasonable timeframe for each phase of your basement finishing project. And don’t forget to check for the liabilities if anything goes wrong. The contractor must have proper insurance for anything that happens on your property.

Reviewing Work

The materials used have a significant impact on the price. A basement finishing project includes insulation flooring, walls, and ceiling materials. As the work progresses, make sure to check if the quality of the materials matches the one indicated in your contract.

Final Thoughts

We explained the basement finishing planning steps so you can compile a checklist. Choosing the right contractor ensures a streamlined project. If you find the planning process difficult, let our professional basement design team handle it. Contact LevelUp Basement now, and we will have your questions answered!


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