Design A Functional Basement Bar With Our Professional Tips

Design A Functional Basement Bar

With Our Professional Tips


Do you wish to have a fully equipped basement bar where you can sip a drink and enjoy the evening? Your basement can be much more than storage space for your clutter. Many homeowners like you prefer to turn the useless space into a practical room that fits their lifestyle. Hence, we guarantee that a home bar will soon become your favourite spot for entertaining your guests. With so many options available, consider the available space and plan the ultimate dream basement bar. In this post, we share some designer tips and ideas that will astonish you. When you go through them, you will have a clear picture of how you want your bar to look like.

How To Design A Basement Bar

Basements have a huge potential when it comes to functionality. So whether you want to design the perfect man cave for endless entertainment or create a luxurious wine-tasting corner, a basement bar will complement the room’s functionality.

What does a basement bar include? The design features a galley kitchen, turned into a bar with an incorporated seating area. The kitchen’s function is serving drinks, so it isn’t mandatory to have the complete equipment. The ideal layout consists of a sink, faucet, cabinets, countertops, and appliances that match your needs.

While it is a statement on its own, a bar doesn’t have to take all the space. The basement bar can complement the space’s functionality, such as an entertainment room or a home theatre. Whenever you want to have a cold drink, the wet bar will be a few steps away.

Include fancy equipment

Although it isn’t mandatory, including proper equipment will save you a lot of time. Hence, we will see a few new trends in basement bar design. For example, built-in microwaves contribute to a sleek and clutter-free look while allowing you to prepare popcorn or a hot drink in no time.

Undercounter fridges are also a popular option that will complement a wet bar. Other options that both look impressive and are highly functional are wine chillers and ice makers. If you are serious about entertaining your family and friends at home, these tools will minimize the need for going upstairs.

However, don’t limit your bar only to evening entertainment. For example, include a coffee station with an espresso machine for the perfect start of the day. Also, if you have kids, make sure to include something for them. For example, an ice cream maker sounds like the ideal choice for both kids and adults. Hence, come up with options that suit your particular needs and lifestyle.

Pick your style

Before you decide about the features, you need to pick a particular style. How would you describe your ideal basement bar? Is it traditional, industrial, modern, or luxurious? This will help you choose the materials, colours, and features.

If you plan to use the basement for other purposes, hide the bar with a closet. This is an excellent idea if you wish to hide the mess from last night within seconds.

Add floating shelves

Despite replacing cabinetry when it comes to storage, open shelves bring style to the space. On the other hand, they are a smart option if you have a tight budget. But, the benefits don’t stop here. Despite adding a modern and sophisticated look, the open shelves allow you to display your drinks and fancy glasses. So, if you are a cocktail enthusiast and have a comprehensive accessories collection, this is your chance to show it off.

If you adore nature-inspired and traditional looks, go for wooden shelves. However, if you want to add modern and luxurious vibes, you will never go wrong with glass.

Tip: When you have a small basement bar, use the vertical space to the maximum. Use LED light tape to illuminate the floating shelves. This trick puts focus on the objects, creating shadows for added visual interest.

Focal wall

Nothing will bring the bar vibes better than LED signs, so don’t mind making a visual statement. Even if your bar’s design is minimalist and straightforward, the signs will add the needed charm. Play with neon signs to add authentic bar vibes and set the ambiance. Hence, copy some elements from your favourite bar.

Tiny but sophisticated

Not everyone has enough square footage to create a large bar. However, don’t let the space limit you. Creating a fully stocked corner bar isn’t impossible, so use your area wisely. A corner bar allows enough room for the essentials while not overpowering the layout. Don’t forget that a tiny basement bar will leave you plenty of space for a comfy seating area and a pool table.

Natural touch

Make a statement with a stone countertop, where you can serve good drinks. Or, don’t mind adding texture using faux stone. This simple trick will make your space look like a fancy bar with high-end vibes.

Pub vibes

If you wish to create a cozy and relaxed basement bar, start with exposed brick walls. This will add the needed warmth and set the mood. When you need more seating space, we recommend one smart trick. Add a wide floating shelf to create a table-by-wall that won’t take much of your precious space. Complement with industrial bar stools, and your home pub is ready to host your guests.

Sleek pendant lights

Don’t forget to anchor your basement bar with sophisticated pendants that match your interior. Add three pendants over the bar table for a symmetrical look. Despite adding a decorative touch, the pendants will recreate the high-end bar atmosphere in your home. But, on the other hand, they provide focused illumination for the moments when you want to impress your friends with your bartending skills.

Get help from a professional

If you need assistance with building your basement bar, don’t mind contacting a professional. The highly skilled team at LevelUp will do the dirty work, so all that’s left to you is to sit and sip your favourite drink in your bar. So contact us now and don’t postpone the idea of having a bar!


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