Five Ideas for Basement Remodeling

Five Ideas for

Basement Remodeling


re you looking for the best ideas for basement remodelling? If you are one of the homeowners that don’t want their valuable square footage to go to waste, you are at the right place. We share the best ways to use the basement!

An unfinished basement is a final destination for your seasonal decorations, clutter, and unused furniture. However, many homeowners realize that this space has a lot of potentials. Despite expanding your living area, basement remodelling can increase your property’s value, and this is the reason why more and more people decide to get the remodelling process started.

If you don’t know how to use the available space efficiently, we share the top five ideas for basement remodelling. Go through them and pick the best fit for your specific needs!

Walkout Basement

A walkout basement comes with many benefits, so it is a smart idea to consider for basement remodelling. A walkout basement has a separate entry so that you can walk out of it. This feature is helpful, as it creates a separate living space with a private entrance. If you plan to rent your basement, this addition will give you an advantage in the rental market. Potential tenants will appreciate the fact that they will have a basement apartment that guarantees privacy.

Besides having a door towards the yard, a walkout basement has more windows. Therefore, natural sunlight will make the space feel like the rest of your house.


However, have in mind that executing a project like this is complex. The process includes land removal and removing a section of the foundation wall to add a door and windows. Knowing that this is a complicated project, leave it in the hands of professionals. LevelUp has the expertise and experience to handle complex basement remodeling. We would be more than happy to assist homeowners, turning the useless space into a fully equipped basement apartment.

In-law Suite

An in-law suite is a small housing located on the home’s property. The primary purpose is to provide a separate living space for ageing parents. The structure is meant to provide privacy while keeping them close to you.

While the combination of independence and privacy sounds perfect, not everyone has the funds or space for building a separate structure. This is the reason why many Canadian households decided to turn their basement into an in-law suite. When building a new structure is expensive, finishing your basement and providing the needed amenities is more feasible.

An in-law suite should have all the conveniences needed for independent living. Ideally, it should include a private bathroom, living space, bedroom, and kitchen. However, the minimal requirements for a separate space would be a bedroom and a bathroom.


In addition, an in-law suite can become a living space for your children. When it is time for them to step into adulthood but lack financial stability, the in-law suite will perfectly suit their needs.

If you need extra income, the in-law suite is a perfect financial asset in your hands. Knowing that it is a fully equipped apartment, you can make money by renting it. The first option is to get long-term tenants and secure a stable income. On the other hand, you can try renting your apartment on platforms like Airbnb.

Basement Office

Whether you work from home, have a side hustle, or own a business, having a home office is crucial. With more and more companies going towards remote working or a hybrid approach, the popularity of home offices is on the rise. When the relaxed home environment reduces your productivity and motivation, it is time to consider a basement office.

A basement office will set clear boundaries between your professional and private life. Once your working hours finish, you can leave all your worries at the office and enjoy at home with your family.

However, a basement doesn’t only provide office space. Many small business owners turn the area into their headquarters, creating a fully equipped studio or a workshop. If the scope of your activities includes meeting clients, consider building a separate entrance.


Tip: Add foam insulation for the common walls to soundproof your basement. This will provide you with a quiet working environment, without any distractions.

Teenager’s Cave

A teen cave is a secluded space where your children can hang out with their friends. As a parent, you would want to offer your kids privacy but still supervise them. Turning your basement into a teen cave will give teenagers the privacy they need, so they prefer it over places where you can’t supervise them. Provide exciting entertainment options so that they will have fun for hours in the comfort of their home.

Tip: Don’t forget to include sleeper-sofas to provide enough accommodating space for sleepovers.



If you prefer home entertainment with your family, a theatre is the best idea for basement remodelling. No matter how big or small your basement is, you can always turn it into a movie theatre to enjoy with family and friends. Even if you have small space available, opt for a smaller screen and compact seating area.

To access your favourite streaming services, you will need a stable wi-fi connection. Keep in mind that the thicker basement walls will weaken the signal. One of the solutions is to get a wi-fi booster that will enhance it and provide a stable connection.


Some will go forward and complement their basement theatre with a bar. Others enhance the entertainment options and create an amusing media room. Everyone has different demands and wishes when it comes to the perfect design. Hence, feel free to design a space that accommodates your family’s needs. We already shared some tips on creating an enjoyable entertainment room so that you can keep up with the post here.

Final thoughts

We shared the best ideas for basement remodelling with you. Now, it is up to you to pick the best fit for your lifestyle and needs. Keep in mind that basement remodelling is a big project that takes time and effort. Due to the nature of the remodelling process, be sure to work with proven professionals in the field. Level Up Basements has extensive experience with basement finishing projects. Feel free to contact us, and we will gladly assist you on this journey!


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