How to Set a Basement Gym in Your House

How to Set a Basement Gym

In Your House


Knowing that the global pandemic closed the gyms, many fitness lovers were disappointed. Nevertheless, proceeding with your physical activities will boost your immune system and improve your wellbeing. Knowing that Canadian winters can be pretty severe, it seems like fitness enthusiasts are left with no options available. However, there is still a way to continue with your workout routine as usual. Many people already implemented the brilliant idea of a basement gym.

In this post, we bring out the benefits of having a basement gym. Also, we offer some useful tips on how to set up your home gym.

Benefits of a basement gym

Save Money

At first glance, a basement gym might appear as an additional cost. However, it would be best if you thought of it as an investment. You pay upfront to set up a gym, and you avoid the future costs for a gym membership or transport. Calculate how much money you spend on your gym per year, and the price for building your gym will seem very reasonable.

Cut down the commuting time

Driving off to the gym and back will take at least one hour of your precious time. When you set up a basement gym, you will be there within minutes. This will leave you plenty of free time for your favourite hobby, side hustle, or quality time with your family.


Having your own gym means that you can tailor the equipment to your specific needs. Whether you are into powerlifting or general wellness activities like yoga, you can get the gear that matches your workout routine.

Fits your schedule

There are no more excuses for exercising when you have a fully equipped gym in your basement. This allows you to fit your training sessions at your convenience. Whether it is early in the morning or in the evening when the kids are asleep, you have complete freedom regarding your workout schedule.

Complete freedom

Whether you want to play music, invite friends over, or watch your kids, you are free to do anything. Exercising in the comfort of your own home means that you don’t have to worry about being too loud or disturbing other people in the gym.


Cleanliness is one of the significant concerns regarding gyms. You will never know how much time was a specific gear used or how frequently it got cleaned. When you are in charge of cleaning, you won’t worry about germs or viruses.


Many people won’t admit that they feel anxious or judged in the gym. When you exercise in your private gym, you won’t worry about looking awkward or misusing the gear.

How to turn your basement into a gym?

  • Freeing up space is the first step to get started. You will be surprised by the basement’s size that can be turned into a functional space.
  • Work with skilled professionals to identify underlying problems and solve them. They will check for any issues with humidity, mould, pests, or water leaks.
  • Finishing the basement will fix some issues, while others need to be addressed individually.
  • Moisture is a common problem in basements, so the surfaces will need special treatment. This will protect your pricey gym equipment from rusting. Also, skilled professionals should eliminate water leaks.
  • Mould is another issue caused by humidity and poor ventilation. The mould releases spores, which can result in respiratory problems.
  • A well-ventilated space is a must when you exercise in your basement. Inadequate ventilation will result in mould and unpleasant odours.
  • Installing windows is an excellent way to get fresh air from the outside. The best option is to connect your basement with the HVAC system. Although this might be the most expensive option, it will ensure a comfortable stay in your home gym.

Basement gym ideas


If having kids is one of your excuses not to exercise, this option will change your life. Despite the workout gear, don’t forget to create a fun playroom. Whether it is wall climbing or a secluded playing area, find an option suitable for your kids’ age. This fully functional space will help you combine exercising and watching your kids in one.

Rustic basement gym

If you want your gym to be cohesive with your rustic home, feel free to bring the warm and cozy vibes. Exposed beams and charming brick walls are a perfect combination to get the rustic aesthetics. Add wooden floors to that, and you have a high-end and luxurious home gym. Make sure to address any underlying issues connected with moisture and water leaks before you install wooden floors. Lay special vibration mats to protect the versatile flooring from scratches.

Spacious and airy basement gym

Many would think of the basement gym as dark and cramped space, but it is time to change that once and for all. Even if your basement lacks windows, you can still turn it into a light and airy space to enjoy your workout sessions. According to interior designers, recessed LED lighting and white walls will brighten up the room. Complete the design with floor to ceiling mirrors, and you have a spacious and bright gym that will motivate you to do better.

Make it convenient. Add plenty of storage options to keep the space tidy at any time. Enhance your home gym with a fully stocked bar. After a challenging workout, you can instantly prepare a protein shake or get the needed hydration. Some can even go a step further and install showers for convenience.

Choose the right colours

Did you know that colours have a significant impact on our mood and emotions? When adding the finishing touches, consider these colours:

  • Neon colours boost our energy. Add a pop of neon yellow or orange to endure the cardio workouts.Blue boosts productivity and concentration, so consider it if doing extensive workouts at a steady pace.
  • Green imitates the outdoor environment. If Canada’s severe winter has obstructed your outdoor activities, consider using green colour in your gym.
  • If you are into yoga, consider light pink accents. This colour is soothing and relaxing, making it perfect for muscle relaxation.

Are you ready to have your private gym set up by skilled professionals? Feel free to contact Level Up Basement, as we have a broad portfolio of functional basement gym.


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