Open Concept Basement – New Trend in Interior Design


basement is no longer considered storage for your festive decorations and clutter. Homeowners understand that this space has high potential, with the possibility to create an additional living space to accommodate the family.

To enhance functionality and comfort, many embrace the open concept basement design. This layout is pretty versatile so that you can adjust it to your specific needs.

Benefits Of An Open Concept Basement

An open concept basement comes with so many benefits. Homeowners love the modern look, airy feel, and spaciousness.

Airy feel

The basement is a small space and can look dull and cramped if you don’t plan the design properly. By excluding the walls that would divide the room, you let the sight lines extend. This trick will make the space feel larger than it is. While a closed layout might offer privacy, the last thing you want is the rooms to feel tight and cramped.

Enhanced functionality

An open concept layout doesn’t only provide aesthetic appeal. This specific layout is more functional, giving you the freedom to use the extra space according to your wishes. The ample area will feel like part of the liveable space on the ground floor, making you feel more comfortable.

Improved traffic flow

When the layout isn’t interrupted with walls and doors, the family members can easily move around. Therefore, an open concept basement will comfortably accommodate large families.

Increased light

Since basements might have limited access to natural light, you would want to use the maximum of it. Without partitions, both natural and artificial light will disperse all over the space.

Ample space for entertainment

If you wish to use your basement for entertainment, one ample space is better than a few smaller rooms. Whether you want to turn your basement into a movie theatre or a man cave, there is plenty space to accommodate your family and friends. In addition, the spacious room can fit additional equipment such as pool tables, gaming consoles, and even a small bar.

Easy monitoring

Homes with children will benefit from the open plan basements. The lack of partitions will allow parents to monitor their children while enjoying the comfort of the family room.

The same goes for people with special needs since caregivers can closely monitor them. In addition, an open concept layout makes moving around more accessible for family members with special needs.

Sense of togetherness

The open layout allows everyone to enjoy their favourite activity but still communicate easily. There are no walls that block visibility or sounds, which increases the sense of togetherness. Parents can relax at the bar while monitoring the kids in the gaming room.

Designing An Open Concept Basement

The trends in the interior design industry are prone to changes. However, the open concept layout will remain the top trend in basement finishing.

The open concept has a modern feel, allowing you to experiment with various finishes. You can still have rooms with multiple purposes, but the open layout will bring them together and make them more accessible.

For example, you can have an entertainment room with a pool table, TV, gaming area, and a kitchenette. Each family member can find what suits their preferences, but you can still enjoy spending time together.

Create separate zones

Professional designers like to divide the space into separate zones visually. For example, you can add a small kitchen island with bar stools to separate the kitchenette from the rest of the room. Add an area rug to anchor the seating space and make it feel more intimate. Or, you can use shelf units as wall dividers to create a private room.

Final Thoughts

An open-concept basement is a huge trend in interior design. The LevelUp team can confirm this, speaking from our own experience. The demand for basement renovations that include the open concept is on the rise, as homeowners in Canada prefer open-plan spaces due to the many advantages they offer.

If you are ready to turn your empty basement into an extension of your liveable space, don’t mind reaching out. Contact the LevelUp team, and we will be so happy to take over the basement renovation process for you! 

Work closely with your contractor

Designing the ultimate basement isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer but rather a bespoke solution that fits your needs. LevelUp is an experienced contractor in the industry, so we will help you develop a functional layout that will accommodate your family. We have handled many basement renovation projects for customers with specific needs and refined tastes.

Our skilled team has executed so many projects before, so we understand that each family has their wishes. Here are a few suggestions that are popular in Canada:

  • Basement entertainment room is an ideal solution for large families that like to spend time together. 
  • Basement bar is an elegant addition, perfect for entertaining your friends and wine tasting. 
  • Basement office provides you with a calm and serene working space away from distractions.
  • Basement gym is the ideal solution to create your retreat for health and wellbeing. 
  • Basement sauna is a luxurious addition to complement the health-focused aspect of your basement design. 

Whether your focus is on family time, entertaining friends, or wellbeing, your contractor will suggest an option that suits your space and budget. Remember that you can embrace a few functionalities in one area for the utmost efficiency.

On the other hand, you can choose to turn the basement into an open-floor apartment. You can always design an independent apartment no matter how big or small your space is. An apartment suite has many usages, so you would want to consider this option.

From our experience, many homeowners in Canada turn their basement into a rental unit. They will choose versatile and neutral furnishings to make the apartment appealing for any taste. On the other hand, you can create a comfortable in-law suite for your parents. Alternatively, you can provide a living space for college kids that want to start an independent life.


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