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* Please note, legal basement apartments have additional costs on top of regular provided basement finishing calculation

For our potential customer’s convenience, Level Up Group created online BASEMENT COST CALCUATOR. This calculator helps you to define approximate price for basement finishing, renovation or remodelling. We have tried to incorporate most of the main basement reno requirements, so when using it, just choose your square footage and check elements you are planning to have in your future basement.

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Typically, nowadays basement renovation (or finishing) cost in the Greater Toronto Area or Calgary Metropolitan Region ranges between $45 to $55 per square foot.

In the event of obtaining cheaper quote, you should ask yourself a question – would this job be done in a proper way? Factors that can “reduce” the price below $45/sf are low-cost materials, cheap labor (experienced trade people won’t work for low rate), luck of insurance or simply “underwater stones” you will step on later, and additional cost would be involved.

What questions should you ask your basement contractor when getting a renovation quote?

  • Where can I check references on your portfolio? Does your company operate professional profile on Google, Homestars or other reputation property?
  • What type of insurance liability your company has?
  • Do you have a licensed electrician in your team?
  • How fast can your team start my project and how fast it should be finished. Do not hesitate to add another question: “Do you bind yourself for the finishing date stated on contract? And what should I expect as a client if you delay?”
  • Are there any additional costs that might pop-up on top of listed in the offer?

Feel free to use our calculator and compare the price you get with other contractors. Have friends who also plan to renovate their basement? Share this tool with them as well!

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