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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to finish a basement?

The timing involved in finishing your basement will depend on many factors – the area of the basement, the complexity of design, added kitchen, or independent entrance. For simpler floor plans you can expect your project completed as soon as within 3 weeks.

For larger scale renovations, more complex finishes you can expect the project to be done within 6 weeks. Every construction project is unique, and you will always know more detailed timing once you will discuss the full scope of work with the project manager.

How do I estimate the budget for finishing the basement?

It is very important to have the numbers right before the start of the project. The basement renovation cost estimate should incorporate both the cost of materials and labor.

You can also have estimates broken down by trades or aspects of construction, such as kitchen installation, or electrical work. This will help you decide better on the overall renovation plan. We offer a free no-obligation cost estimate for renovation so that our clients will work with us in confidence.

How do I know if my basement is good enough for creating extra space?

When thinking of finishing your basement you might have concerns over a few factors: potential ceiling hight, overall area, moisture. All of these problems can be taken care of during basement renovation. Once you will clear and declutter your basement space you will be surprised how much available extra space you have.

What are the most popular basement features?

The most popular basement features are:

  • Bathroom with full custom shower
  • fireplace
  • basement kitchen
  • basement bar
  • home theater

These are great features to enjoy yourself, and they offer a great value once you decide to sell the house.

Is it better to hire a company specializing in basement renovations or work with independent contractors?

Working with one company, such as ours, handling all the aspects of basement renovation is more efficient and will help you to save money in the long run. You will save time on project coordination between trades (electricians, flooring, kitchen, and drywall installers) and will have one project manager responsible for the results.

Do you offer building materials or we have to provide our own?

We can recommend some preferred suppliers, that we like to work with for the best combination of design, price, quality, and reliable stock availability and will be happy to pass on our discount. You are also welcome to source your own materials suppliers. If you do source your own, please make sure that the stock is available in time for renovation.

Will I save on discontinued materials for basement renovation?

Although the savings on discontinued and “end of the roll” building materials might seem tempting – it is always a risk. Buying supplies in limited quantity means that you might have not enough to complete the project. Also, you can not return them if you do not like how the color or finish works in your space. You are always better off buying materials that are in stock, have sufficient quantity.

Do you offer help with building permits?

We can take care of the building permit process for your project.

Should I renovate my basement if it is wet?

Once you feel like you constantly need to run a dehumidifier, and see signs of moisture on the walls, you should, certainly, address the problem. The benefit of finishing the basement is that your house foundation is taken care of.

Is it better to renovate a basement in summer?

Like most indoor construction projects, basement renovations do not depend on the weather or season. The non-toxic materials and low VOC paint does not require airing the space during or after renovation. There is no advantage of doing it in warmer weather or any specific season.

Do you help to design the basement layout?

We are happy to work with ready floor plans or help you design the layout. With our expertise, we focus on ergonomic and functional spaces. Of course, the optimal floor plan will depend on the way you are planning to use the space.

What are the options for basement entry?

You can create your basement as an extension of your house usable space, or design it as an independent unit with separate entry. Separate entry can be build from the garage, front of the house, backyard, or side of the house provided there is enough clearance.

What are the popular ways to use the basement?

Think of your basement of a versatile space that you can easily adapt to your lifestyle:

  • Family room & entertainment room
  • Home office
  • In-law apartment
  • Home theater and media room
  • Basement gym & spa
  • Craft room

These are great features to enjoy yourself, and they offer a great value once you decide to sell the house.

Is finishing the basement a good investment?

Finishing basement brings one of the highest returns on investment, once you decide to sell a house. According to statistics, it can be up to 70%, if done right. The added benefit is that for many buyers it might actually seal the deal. Having an opportunity to rent out the basement, have extra quarters for a nanny, or simply a bigger space for family gatherings will be an advantage for many buyers.


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