Meet Tatiana Olkhovski – the owner of ETM Interiors!

ETM Interiors is a one-stop-shop for everything related your home (or business!) design. Space planning, apartment or condo interior consulting, whole house remodeling or custom house interior design – you will find here all these and beyond. And not just as a service, but experience, a real style journey together with Tatiana!

Interior design, its not just a job for her. It is a call, an inspiration, something she discovered once and since than can’t stop doing, a passion of her life:

My name is Tatiana Olkhovski and I’m an interior designer.

I love working with my clients to help them make their homes and lives more attractive. My passion for design was born many years ago, when I bought my own home and decorated it myself. Today I own ETM Interiors which is a part of Decorating Den Interiors network, enjoying the work of my life!”

Tatiana’s secret is listening. At the initial consultation state, she learns about personal style of her customer, goals of the process, real needs, and real expectations. Next stage is making 3D floor planning, visualize everything client thinks of, make it clear for the property owner what’s his or her ideas looks like in the real life. All stages have to be closely aligned with the budget preplanned by the ordering party…Listening is the best way to help ETM Interiors clients with the right decisions that will reflect on their lives for many years.

And we are not just coming up with compliments here! ETM Interiors and Level Up Group had 3 joined projects already and counting. Here is what Tatiana says about us:

The main thing that connects me with Mike is an understanding and responsible attitude to our work. I am always ready to listen to my client’s needs and wishes and that’s what really helps us to work together, because both of us are perfectionists who are passionate about their work. We are devoted to creating both beautiful and functional spaces by guiding our clients through an easy and convenient process. Our clients love our personalized service and the customized designs we bring together especially for them.

What to ask Tatiana a design related question? Send her an email via or call 289-597-7630.
But better visit her website first to check out beautiful portfolio and many interesting articles in her blog!