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With so many movies and video content available now at our fingertips, sometimes we feel no need to leave the house to watch a show in a movie theater. With a busy schedule, you do not want to be restricted by showtimes, or, simply, drive anywhere on a weeknight after work.

Let alone, it is simply pleasant to have some wine and your favorite snacks when watching your favorite flick, or a beer with sports games. It is all possible in your very own movie theater in the convenience of your very own basement.

Showtime! Private movie theater in your basement.

Heading downstairs to the basement, to your very own comfortable movie theater is indeed a great experience. Modern technology allows you to enjoy the best of sound and video effects from the comfort of your home.

Basements are an ideal location for setting up an ideal movie theater. Surrounded by the concrete of foundation it is just great for sound isolation, not to disturb your own family and neighbors. It also helps to settle the usual design debate, when the large scenes are not so welcome in other areas of the house, such as a living room.

Basement movie theater the design edge

Since you are creating an ideal entertaining space, when you plan its design and layout, think about what type of movies/shows or programs you are planning to watch with your family and friends.

Do you prefer to watch black and white classics, or Academy Awards Movies in the traditional theater setting with fixed, although very comfortable chairs? Or do you expect your basement to fill with enthusiastic sports fans, who would prefer to move around, grab a beer from the fridge, and reach for chicken wings during commercial breaks?

Things you need to know before setting up basement home theater

Basement space is very accomodating of any home gym equipment if planned right. You can set up:

  • Before looking into high-end equipment for your ideal home theater you need to make sure that the moisture level in your basement is low. Electronics and wiring are extremely vulnerable to moisture and can easily be ruined.
  • Make sure the WIFI signal is adequate for the quality of tv programming viewing.
  • When choosing tv screen, or projection wall-size take the depth of the room into consideration. Too small or too big of a screen will be equally uncomfortable. Same as for the sound system. Have a professional help you choose.

The space design will enhance the viewing experience whatever your tastes are.

Classic movie posters, heavy velvet curtains and comfy leather seats will add to the theater feeling of the space. Sports trophies and posters, modern well-equipped bar, drink fridge, and an oversized couch will be more welcoming to avid sports fans.

If the space allows it is great to plan a conversation area for those who want to take a break from watching, without being in the way of others. The show is only as good as the conversation about it, isn’t it?

A few features you will find extra convenient in your home theater

Do not forget that once you will have a fully setup movie theater or media center in your basement – you will suddenly have more friends and family over. It is better to look at all aspects of entertainment to be better prepared. Do not forget the features that you will find extra helpful:

  • Drinks bar
  • Kitchenette for warming up snacks
  • Pizza oven
  • Wine cellar
  • Popcorn machine

Creating a home theater or entertainment room in the basement for those who really enjoy a good movie or a great show is an investment that will be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come. And we can help you to finish or rebuilt your basement with the TV wall in it.

Level Up operates in the Greater Toronto Area and in the Calgary Metropolitan Region. Give us a call today and tell us more on your theater room project!


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