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Walkout Basements


If you own a split level house, you have a great advantage of enjoying extra walkout basement space. In fact, many people look for the potential for a walkout basement at the stage of shopping for the right house. And it is easy to see why!

It opens a lot of possibilities, as it simply adds the whole floor of usable space to your house. Moreover, it does feel like a ground floor, light airy, and with direct walkout access to your backyard.

In your walkout basement you can create:

  • Independent apartment for extra income, or your family members
  • Space for home-based business: daycare, hairdressers, beauticians or nail salon
  • A yoga studio, or in-home gym
  • Cozy family room
  • Great play space for your kids
  • Great party room with direct access to backyard

Indeed, it can accommodate any ideas for a lot of extra space!

Getting the maximum potential of your walkout basement

When you are planning to finish or renovate this fabulous extra space you have to have your family needs and lifestyle in mind. The longer you lived in the house – the faster you will be able to formulate the concept for the space.

To start working on planning your basement renovation focus on the following questions:

  • What areas and rooms are missing in your house?
  • Do you work from home a lot?
  • Do you need extra income from an in-law apartment?
  • Would you prefer your kids play and sports area in one place, rather than deal with all the toys all over the house?
  • Do you entertain often?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • Do you want to splurge on an expanded entertainment area complete with home theater, bar, and pool table?

Creating a multi-functional space in your walkout basement

As we play so many roles in our lives: we are parents, business people, sports enthusiasts, so spaces we use have to multitask. How often when we come to our clients to discuss their ideal new walkout basement space, they get focused on just one idea, while in fact, the concepts can be easily combined!

Modern concepts with furniture and accessories just help to complete the picture of your new multifunctional space. Just add a murphy bed or pullout couch to your office space – and it becomes a welcoming guest bedroom! Add extra storage on the wall and your perfect yoga room transforms into a crafts room!

Together with our clients we help not only transform the space but show the full potential and options that will make them enjoy it for so many years to come!


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