Level Up Consulting Inc. provides extended warranty for all finished renovation projects. This warranty includes:

  • Repairs of any defects due to used materials quality – in case materials were provided by Level Up Consulting team. We are unable to warrant customer provided materials.
  • Faulty workmanship and improper labour

Warranty terms:

  • The client shall provide Level Up Consulting representative with written notice about encouraged issue within 2 years after project completion
  • shall not be liable and does not warrant against damage caused by:
  • Level Up ConsultingImproper humidity levels
  • Extreme weather, floods, or any other natural causes
  • Any physical damage after the completion of the project such as scratches, cracks, holes, rips etc. caused by use of the space.
  • In case the client chooses not to get foundation cracks repaired as recommended, Level Up Consulting will not cover any possible future damages such as water damages and condensation

In case you need to report on issues with Level Up Consulting finished project, feel free to contact by info@levelupgroup.ca